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Question Wireless Sensor Network(waspmote IDE)

hi!i'm trying to build a wireless sensor network which could detect bluetooth devices in a room and track the device(on an overhead map layout of the room).i have been thinking of using waspmote extension board(http://www.libelium.c...xpansion_radio_board) inwhich uses two radios at the same time(bluetooth and zigbee radio).

my problem is,using waspmote boards would require to do the programming using "waspmote IDE" inwhich is similar to c++,i'm wondering how would i construct a map layout.

anyone having suggestings??

agieli in ICT about 6 years ago

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i have access to windows.i have got an external bluetooth dongle plugged on my computer.(my pc hasn't got an in-built bluetooth)

You can probably do this with the bluetooth dongle built into your computer. Do you have access to Windows/Linux/Mac?

the system should be tracking the device(could track by monitoring signal strength),if the device doesn't move(remain in the same point,i.e same value of signal strength for certain amount of time),the system should send a text message to the device!!

to track any type of bluetooth device.you shouldnt be able to run code on the bluetooth device but should be able to send a text to the device,if only its a mobile phone(identified from the device mac address).i really need help on finding appropriate nodes and design interface to them(tracking map)

There are a lot of different radio's on the market, and there will be a lot of different ways to interface to them. Perhaps something that gives easy access to a higher level language might be more appropriate.

You've specified that you want to track a "bluetooth" device. I've got a few questions.

  • Do you want to be able to track any bluetooth device?
  • Can you run code on the bluetooth device, or you going to monitor passively?

It might be easier if you clearly specify your requirements, rather than jumping to a solution (waspmote) so that we can find some other possibilities.

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