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Essay questions always award a small proportion of the marks for the quality of written communication. If you write in bullet point format you automatically disqualify your answer from scoring 100%.

It has to be in a proper essay format for alacrity.

I think it's a good idea to write your answer in bullet point form. You should leave space between each bullet point to expand your answer as appropriate, or to make final adjustments to improve coherency. Most marking schemes look for key words and associations. Where they actually occur  in your block of writing isn't critical and the mark or two you'll lose might be worth the sacrifice.

your answer should be in paragraph form and main points and headings should be in bullet form

If the question is a process question eg- 'explain the carbon cycle' or 'explain the process of respiration' then yes, this can be in bullet point form- no problem. This isn't an english test. However, if its a question that asks 'what are the ethical implications from industrialised farming/from the dairy industry' its better to write an argument as you would any other question.

You should write in full as you are marked on your quality of written control, however if you are running out of time I would bullet point your most important points. (When revising bullet pointing can sometimes be good and stop it becoming boring)

Hi there,

What specifically does your question ask for?

Does it say you must explain, describe? If it is an essay question than it will have to be answered as such. How many marks is the question? That should give you an indication as to how much you should write.



Hi, a tip i've found helpful in the past to ensure you tick all the boxes on a mark scheme is to think "ok so this question is worth 10 marks so wants 10 points on this topic" then think of the 10 points you want to mention in your head just briefly and lay them out mentally as bullet points but write them in essay format. I find this makes it much faster to write in essay format because you're not waffling and you still get the marks for the points you're supposed to mention without having to blatently bulletpoint each one out and miss out on writing skills marks.

I mark for Ocr and wjec a level,  Iwould only write in bullets if your time is running out.  There is a mark for quality of extended response now,  which could be logic and sequence.  Better to write continuous prose.  But if you have  10 minutes left,  do bullet points,  sone marks will be gained then. 

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