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Hello :) Structure is very important as it makes your essay easier for the reader to understand, which will enamour them to the points you make. I would suggest the 'hamburger' structure as a basic framework. In terms of tone, your best bet is to maintain a neutral tone, so that your argument seems balanced. Hope that is helpful :)

Essay's need to have a good structure and flow to them to keep the reader focused and enthused by what they are reading. Imagine you are reading a text; what stands out for you? If you were to read a long piece of text without any pauses, exciting adjectives or phrases, rhetorical questions, or thought provoking information, would you enjoy reading it? I am a Spanish teacher, but the rule remains the same. The best essays include connectives, opinions, justifications and a wealth of vocabulary. Good luck!

An essay stands out when it delivers what it set out to do. So often, essays run off track and this is where the structure comes in. As simple as it may be, a concise beginning, middle and end are key. Firstly, set out the aims in your opening paragraph by introducing a broad idea about your topic. Narrow it down as you move through the essay until you can come to a concise conclusion to ensure you have answered what you set out to do. As for tone, it is important to match your writing style to the occassion. Is this a professional application? A literary piece? For an assignment? When the tone is right the essay will flow nicely and from reading a single sentence, an outsider will be able to glean the intent of the essay. Hope this helps a little :) 

Hi. I've just completed an English degree at Oxford, and making essays stand out is something that was drilled into us for 3 years there! Would be happy to schedule a lesson if you'd like

A good essay needs to be clear and concise. The introduction gives a basic outline of what you are going to say, and the various points you need to consider to argue your point to a conclusion. It depends how long you want the essay to be, but I would usually write 5/6 paragraphs for a 2,500 word essay. The paragraphs, while each focusing on a different aspect of your argument (what you want to say), need to link with each other, so key words like 'furthermore', 'however' and 'in addition' are important to making everything flow. The conclusion ties together everything you have written. In your paragraphs, the PQA (point, quote, analysis) method is useful - whenever you make a statement make sure you can back it up with evidence and that it fits into your parargraph. Good luck, and feel free to ask me any additional questions!

This depends very much on what the essay is on? If you are making an argument there would be expected to be statistics and good valid points on both sides, as you are not stating your opinions but rather facts of both sides of the argument which would make who ever is reading understand clearly each side. In this case the tone would be very factual, very light and informative and not biased! To help with the structure it is always best to do a plan before hand even if it is only a quick small one. 

Introduction - what you are writing about
Argument side 1 - 
(3 points)
Argument side 2 - 
(3 points)
Conclusion - conclude your point you made in introduction.

if you follow this plan then you will have a structure that flows. this is a very basic one and you can go into a lot more detail. feel free to contact me if you need additional help. 

For an essay to stand out it needs to be engaging. Tone and structure are both incredibly important. It is hard to discuss tone without more of an idea of what sort of essay you are writing. 

Your essay structure should follow a logical sequence. The paragraphs should link together and flow easily. For me, an essay which stands out is one which  is easy to read. Linking ideas across paragraphs through the use of linking sentences rather than a simple "additionally", "furthermore" etc makes an essay much more natural. 

If you are writing a science essay, try and keep your paragraphs to ~6 sentences max. Essays for subjects such as English and History can contain longer paragraphs. No matter what you are writing, be concise! 

Tone will need to suit audience. It can be objective or subjective depending on whether you are writing formally or in a conversational way.  It all depends on your essay question and what it is based on. If you need more info or help don't hesitate to get in contact. 

An essay usually stands out if it conforms to the basic requirements of excellent grammar and structure. A well -written essay consists of three main components. These are an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. It introduces a topic, and in a very balanced way, it presents the pros and cons of a topic in its main body. The conclusion of a great essay will tell of the writer's viewpoint on a topic based on what is presented in the main body. Of course, the essay should be free of  grammatical errors. 

Much depends on the subject matter to be discussed and the genre.  More info would help get a more specific answer.

Dianne Ross

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