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Question Urgent tutor help

I have an assignment on Java coding need help with it. The assignment detail is below :

The overall aim of this assignment is to implement a simple graphics tool. This must be built as a graphical application using the Java Swing and AWT classes. The software will allow users to type in simple commands which cause a “pen” to move around a virtual canvas area drawing lines as it moves. The final product should be a fully working application which includes a typical application window, containing a menu bar and supporting dialogue boxes.

As well as implementing a programmatic solution to the defined requirements, you are required to submit a graphical representation of your final solution as a Unified Modelling Language (UML) class model. This class model should show all classes used in your solution, along with all attributes and methods which you yourself have written. Although classes used from the Swing library should be shown there is no need to display their attributes and methods.

Requirement 1 – basic application

The first requirement is to develop a simple GUI which contains an outer window (frame), a canvas drawing area, a console type text input area, and a menu bar. The menu bar should contain at least a ‘File’ and a ‘Help’ menu. The ‘File’ menu should contain the options “New”, “Load”, “Save” and “Exit”. The ‘Help’ menu should contain an “About” option. The application window should be resizable by the user. For this first requirement the menu options should simply act as stubs, later requirements will provide the actual functionality. When selected each option should pop–up a dialogue saying that the option has been selected.

Requirement 2 – command support

The second requirement is to implement some basic commands to allow drawing. The users should be able to type in these commands within the console text area. The “New” menu option should cause the canvas to be cleared. The application should be able to spot invalid commands and report this to the user.

The commands to be supported are shown in the following table.

Command:Description penup: Lifts the pen from the canvas, so that movement does not get shown. pendown : Places the pen down on the canvas so movement gets shown as a drawn line. left : Turn the direction 90 degrees to the left. right : Turn the direction 90 degrees to the right. forward : Move forward the specified distance. back : Move backwards the specified distance. red : Sets the output pen colour to red. green: Sets the output pen colour to green. blue : Sets the output pen colour to blue. reset: Resets the canvas to its initial state.


bushra in Computing almost 5 years ago
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