Abbas A.

Abbas A.

£25 per hour

I am an enthusiastic student at the University of Warwick, studying German and Economics (BA with Hons).

I have studied these two subjects at both GCSE and A level, achieving A*s in both subjects at both levels (along with an A in Mathematics at A level).

I have previous experience tutoring through my school's Economics and German "Clinic", which were sessions for younger students to receive help from teachers and older students. I found myself using a variety of methods, however the method which I felt was best was that when I would ask and assess the younger students to see where the issues mainly lied, and then setting targets at regular intervals.

Being familiar with the new syllabus and its requirements, I am able to tutor German and Economics at both GCSE and A level. With German, I am able to go over 'Der Vorleser' and 'Good Bye, Lenin!'.


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