Yakov  I.

Yakov I.

£16.50 per hour

Hi, my name is Yakov, and I can assist as a tutor with Humanities up to Key Stage 4 (GCSE) and Intermediate Hebrew (Level 4).

I have a private school educational background, having attended Colne Valley Christian School, Colchester (Primary Education) and then Immanuel School, Collier-Row, Essex. (Secondary Education).

I am currently reading a Humanities degree at the Open University and I'm now in my Second year of study. My grades are exceptional, having achieved the universities band A category for all my work to date.

My main areas of personal academic interest are History and Religious Studies, including their Sociological relevance. However, I will work with any Humanities related subject.

In addition, I studied Intermediate Hebrew at Sheffield University as an individual module in 2006/7, but I have had years of Hebrew experience prior to this, and continue to assist others understand the Bible in its original tongue today. For more details, please ask.

I have excellent communication skills, having worked with the hearing impaired, those of non-EU nationality, and whose first language is not English. If you are a student looking for someone you can understand, and gain confidence with, I can help you.

Many say that I'm a good listener, patient, kind and encouragingly positive.

I'm married with one child, and we live in the United Kingdom.

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