Adrien D.

Adrien D.

£60 per hour

Oxford-Educated Tutor - Finance, CFA, Economics & more!

Learning Mathematics and Finance can be easy… as long as we take it step by step! This is why for the last 5 years I have been passionate about developing learning techniques that make university students and professionals’ lives easier.

MSc Financial Economics (Dean’s List) from the University of Oxford, I have been tutoring hundreds of students in quantitative and business-related topics since 2014. I currently offer tuition for the following subjects: - Finance (including the CFA curriculum) - Economics - Accounting - Mathematics (including Probability and Statistics) - Econometrics - Microsoft Excel

My approach is straightforward: clear, short theory reminders full of examples are followed by a series of practical exercises. The aim is to acquire knowledge gradually, by focusing on one concept at a time. You will be surprised how fast the most complex material can be mastered just by breaking it down into digestible bits!

Many university courses tend to ignore this. Rather, they present a large amount of information all at once. This is unrealistic and overwhelming even for top students. Universities also assume that you remember everything you’ve learned prior to your current programme when actually… nobody does! As a solution I have compiled summaries of most quantitative and financial concepts and I use them as part of my approach.

If you have any enquiries feel free to send a message!

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