Aida S.

Aida S.

£18 per hour

I am a third-year student at the University of Cambridge, where I currently read Physical Natural Sciences. if you are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced tutor, who can make her favourite subject interesting to all students (in either English, Spanish or French), please contact me!

I have loved Science subject since I was a child: the beauty of planetary movements, the physiology of behaviour and the role of prime numbers in musical harmony, all have in common a power to captivate me and to make me wonder how the complex processes of reality work.

In my first year of undergraduate I chose a broad selection of courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Cells. This opened my mind greatly and taught me how to tackle problem solving with different approaches. Apart from developing my flexibility and my capacity for hard-work, immersing myself in the enriching environment my university is, has exposed to new learning methods and to a strong promotion of team work. Also, I have found myself surrounded by people who value at the highest degree the capacity for innovation and logical thinking. Instead of having my head filled with a series of raw data, now I am animated to establish relationships between the concepts I am taught and to reach my own conclusions.

I have become the person I am thanks to the teachers who were always there, patiently answering my hundreds of questions about our fascinating world. Someday, I would love to return this: I would like to be able to inspire and help anyone who wants to learn. In order to develop my teaching skills, I have volunteered in a primary school in my home town (Madrid, Spain). Furthermore, this summer I will be volunteering in a school in Kisii (Kenya) with EPAfrica. I also have experience in science outreach: last summer, as part of my internship in the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, I participated in the lab’s open days by explaining superconductivity to year-nine students.

Despite how nerdy I may sound, science is not my only hobby. I am an enthusiast of music: I play the violin and I practice dancesport. These are all creative activities that boost concentration and, additionally, they have also helped me to become more confident in front of a public.

In summary, if you are looking for an enthusiastic individual, who can make her favourite subject interesting to all students (in either English, Spanish or French), please contact me!

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