I have recently graduated with an Honours degree in Biomedical Science, as well as having studied A-Level: English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Working as a tutor for nearly 4 years now has allowed me to use and experience different teaching techniques across a number of different subjects. I understand each student has a unique learning style hence why my teaching method is tailored to you.

I believe the key to success in exams is being able to identify the manner in which you learn; this is why my students are taught using various teaching styles.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the tutoring session, I will aim to develop a learning plan via email with the student and their parent/guardian prior to the first session. This will allow me to cover any gaps in knowledge prior to the session, as well as produce clear learning outcomes and objectives. This method will also allow both the student and their parent/guardian to measure progress. The format of the session will be tailored to the student and the subject being taught.


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