Amrit R.

Amrit R.

£20 per hour


I am a University of Bradford graduate in Interdisciplinary Human Studies. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is! In simple terms my degree was a mix of English Literature, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. In my final year of university I choose to major in English Literature and my dissertation was based on child development and fairytales. I came out of university with a first class honors degree.

Although my chosen subject to teach would be English, I also speak fluent Punjabi which allows me to help a wider pool of students. I have 10 GCSE's and 4 A-Levels in English Literature, History, Geography and Textiles. History is another subject I am passionate about so I would be more than happy to help with that. I have experience working within primary schools bases in Leeds teaching children in Reception to Year 1. But I've worked with children of a higher age as I am the eldest sibling in a large family so tutoring is something I have been doing for years. I also got the chance to teach English at a local school in India while visiting there last October.

I am a passionate, caring and enthusiastic individual looking to help students with anything they are struggling with. I would be the perfect person for you because I would give you 100% at all times, rather than just building you up I would not be afraid to tell you what's going wrong and how you could improve. I would be willing to put in all the time it takes to help you become the shining star you were born to be! Having me as a tutor would be like having a personal cheerleader!

I am currently looking to teach students at GCSE level.



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