Aneeta J.

Aneeta J.

£20 per hour

I am a second year medical student looking to inspire the next generation and help them through their education by passing on my knowledge. I am good with children and have had work experience in a school and tutoring center. I have excellent GSCE and A-level results myself so am confident that I can support younger students with any issues they may have. I have a flexible teaching style to support the needs of the student. My strong points are maths and science up to GSCE, I can also give advice for children looking to apply for medicine. Whilst I was in school I used to run science support and drop in sessions, I am familiar with the common challenges that students face. My aim is to instil confidence in the student’s abilities so that they can challenge themselves and push their boundaries to achieve their full potential.

My Qualifications:

GCSEs: 8A* (Biology, Chemistry, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Religious studies, Spanish, Textiles). 4A (English Literature, Geography, IT, Statistics) 1B (English Language)

A levels: 1A* (Biology) 3A (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)

Free Standing Mathematics Qualification: Grade A

Currently studying my second year of Medicine at St Barts and the Royal London Medical school.


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