Annie M.

Annie M.

£20 per hour

Hi, I'm a recent graduate (graduating with a 2:1 in Classics). I grew up in Scotland (and did Highers etc.) but I've also tutored and taught in England. My interests are mainly in ancient history and literature. I've previously tutored and taught Creative Writing, English and Latin to various age groups, either through word-of-mouth or charity schemes like Minimus and Schools Plus. I'm very enthusiastic with a good sense of humour and also very patient. I tutor English, Creative Writing, Latin, Greek, Classics, Classical Civilisation/ Studies.

As a tutor, I like to work on helping my students gain or improve the skills in order that they can more easily understand a topic and express this understanding such as grammar, essay-writing or enquiry skills. Often I find you know and understand more than you think you do but often don't know that you know or don't know how to express that you know. I like to work on helping you know that. I'm very adaptable to your needs and working out different strategies to help you learn. I'm also particularly fond of gentle sarcasm, amusing anecdotes and trying to find some humour to make learning a topic more fun. I have a good knowledge of English Literature due to a love of reading and if you let me know the plays, books, poems etc. I'll make sure that I know them well. I'm willing and very able to tutor on works that I've not encountered before as long as I have a day's notice to read it. In the past, I've had to tutor without advance knowledge of the works I'm tutoring on, but I prefer to know because I can tutor better, if I've prepared.

Education Background

Cambridge University, Classics BA 2:1

Advanced Highers: English - A Greek - A Latin - A

Highers: History - A Classical Studies - A Chemistry - A English - A Latin - A Greek - A

Please get in touch with any questions or to arrange a time.


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