Annika J.

Annika J.

£20 per hour

I'm a native German speaker who has lived and studied in the UK for the past five years - my knowledge of both languages is therefore excellent. Being bilingual gives me a critical understanding of the important differences between the two languages, and the difficulties these entail for English-speakers learning German. This means I can provide helpful, hands-on tutoring in German, whether it be written, spoken, or reading - conversational as well as business.

Philosophy, Art History: I am a recent Philosophy and Art History (BA) graduate from the University of Glasgow, where I have attained a First Class Honours degree in June 2018. The knowledge I was able to gain over the past four years of study is wide, comprehensive, and kept alive by a strong personal interest in both subjects.

Critical Thinking, Academic Writing: My university education comprised courses in Critical Thinking, Argumentative Writing, and Academic writing. I am well-equipped to pass on tips and techniques that will make essay- and application-writing easier for you at, especially if you are applying for university or writing A-level essays.

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