Al T.

Al T.

£20 per hour

I am a Geography graduate of Magdalene College Cambridge.

I am an open, friendly and approachable character with a genuine love of learning. I have a strong work ethic driven mainly by my love of assimilating knowledge purely for knowledge`s sake. I hope to not only improve my tutees abilities in their respective subjects but encourage them to enjoy their learning and see the value of education. I believe that confidence is a major factor when approaching a new or a difficult topic.

Tutoring should consolidate what is taught in schools and should only push children beyond their age range`s ability if the child is comfortable with this and has a keen interest in the subject. I have tutored previously and lectured at New York University. I have given talks to school aged children and fellow students at the London Science Museum and Cambridge University Engineering Department. As a Guide leader I am used to working with children and young people. In addition to this I have been tutored myself so know what can be achieved with one-on-one teaching.

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