Ben D.

Ben D.

£22 per hour

I'm an Economics student at Warwick. I have tutoring experience from school where i helped peers, and have also given a number of private lessons. I have very positive feedback from my teaching; students always feel much more confident after my help.

I had several teachers at school where i struggled to fully comprehend topics in lessons and would have to go home and find the answers online. What i have taken from this is that i understand the importance of explaining difficult concepts from the very beginning, ensuring that at every step of the way there is a solid understanding, and no confusion.

I took 12 GCSEs gaining 7 As and 5As. I then took 3 A-Levels in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. I achieved 3As in these. I also took an AS level in Further-Mathematics, gaining the top grade of an A. Along with succeeding academically, i'm very outgoing and enjoy playing Hockey for Warwick, and have completed numerous, gruelling challenges such as the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon.

My teaching is methodical, concise and tailored to you- every student understands concepts at different speeds and more easily from certain angles. I will help to address weak areas and build the understanding from a basic level to try and maximise the grasp of the topic. We will go through practice questions to ensure you understand how to apply the knowledge, but also make sure you can approach a wide variation of questions for each topic.

I will regularly test your understanding in the areas we have covered to ensure that we are making good progress, and will give you questions that will stretch you, ensuring you are able to cope with the trickier questions that you may encounter!

I will give a very hands-on, demonstrative approach that will ensure you can also visualise the ideas i explain, as this will help you to remember them.

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