Ben  J.

Ben J.

£25 per hour

I am a passionate and experienced tutor. My greatest strength as a tutor is my positive approach to improving the confidence and academic performance of my students.

I find it incredibly rewarding to see the benefits that a 1:1 tutorial method of teaching can bring to students, and I have a track record of helping tutees to make excellent progress and improve their examination performance, including several students who have achieved A/A* grades and received offers from their chosen universities, including Oxford.

After studying history at the University of Oxford, I taught history at a secondary school in south London for two years, where I was awarded the 'outstanding' grade for the quality of my teaching. Then I completed my MA in Educational Leadership at the UCL Institute of Education, specialising in how UK schools can best support the mental health and wellbeing of young people. I am currently in a forest school in Galicia, Spain, hoping to gain a greater understanding of how working outdoors can improve pupil wellbeing.

I really enjoy tutoring and have a track record of improving former tutee's academic performance and confidence in their subject. I believe that a strong relationship is at the core of a successful tutoring partnership, and my tutoring style ensures that I do not merely spoon-feed my tutees, but instead encourages them to become independent learners and passionate subject specialists in their own right.

As well as being a fan of all things historical, including visiting museums and galleries, I am a big fan of food and cooking, as well as learning the Spanish language and all about Spanish culture and history. I am also an avid reader. My favourite topics include politics, art, visual culture, and travel.

I have several years of tutoring experience, with my tutees consistently improving their academic performance and confidence in their chosen subject. I believe that the structure of the tutorial-style system is a great way to help those tutees who are keen to improve their subject knowledge, writing style, and exam performance.

As well as the subjects that I offer, I am also very happy to provide support and tuition for students applying to university, and am happy to offer guidance about the Oxbridge application process. In the past I have led admissions sessions offering advice to prospective Oxford applicants, and have worked for the University's own summer school programme dedicated to improving applications from under-represented state schools.

Our first tutorial will always take the form of establishing together areas which you would like to work on. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a tutee improve in confidence and ability over time, and I consider my role as tutor to be a facilitator and enabler for this to happen. I will always work as hard as possible to ensure my tutees achieve the aims that we established at the beginning of our sessions, and in return I expect the same level of effort from my students.

When it comes to tutoring, I know that a positive attitude is absolutely essential for success. When tutoring A-Level History for example, my role is not to provide the dates or facts that could be learnt in a textbook, but to coach my students on how to improve their confidence, and on the best way to approach an essay question. When looking back at my own experiences at school, it was those teachers that believed in me that were the ones that inspired and motivated me to achieve the best that I could, and that is something that I replicate in my own tutoring sessions. Every student is capable of achieving their potential, and with my help I feel that I can develop their determination, resilience, and ability.

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