Bridget B.

Bridget B.

£20 per hour

My academic background is in neuroscience, and because of this I have a strong foundation in both biology and psychology. My career so far has been spent focusing on diseases of aging. I hold a BSc and an MSc; currently I am a PhD student at the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, focusing on a gene therapy approach to treating dementia and motor neurone disease. I have a broad interest in the fields of biology and psychology far beyond my chosen speciality, and I have a lot to offer prospective students both in terms of subject expertise, and advice about developing a scientific career.

I love teaching and find it incredibly rewarding to see students’ progress. I excel in explaining complicated scientific concepts clearly, using relevant examples to aid understanding and encourage knowledge retention. Although exam success is my top priority, I also aim for students to develop a broader understanding of scientific concepts and a sense of how a specific topic fits into the wider body of knowledge. I believe the best results come from genuine engagement with and enjoyment of a subject. Biology and psychology are subjects I find endlessly fascinating, and studying them has led me to a career that I love: I hope I can share my enthusiasm with my students.

I have experiencing tutoring biology and psychology up to A level, although I would also consider undergraduate students in selected subjects. My tutoring experience, in addition to working with children and teenagers in sports coaching roles, has taught me many valuable skills: I know how to keep students focused, I set clear learning objectives and my lessons are structured to quickly build on existing knowledge. Exam technique is often a key focus of my lessons, as in my experience errors here are often responsible for students needlessly missing marks. I use past papers extensively to help students understand the exam technique required and to work on precision and clarity when tackling questions.

As someone who once struggled with self-belief when it came to my academic abilities, I am aware of how this can prevent students reaching their full potential. I understand that people develop at different paces and will find different things challenging. In my lessons there is no such thing as a stupid question – as far as I’m concerned, curiosity is always something to be encouraged as it will lead to deeper understanding of a topic. My aim is to create challenging lessons that push my students to question and think more deeply about a topic, while creating an environment where they feel confident to explore ideas, to ultimately to improve their exam performance. I am always patient, friendly, and work to build the confidence of my students.

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