I am a fully qualified (PGCE), native French teacher who has lived in the UK since 1993. I have taught pupils aged 7 to 77, although the majority of my students tend to be preparing for exams, I have also taught people who have a property in France or who do business with French companies. I can teach pupils from KS2 to University level.

I qualified in France with a Licence d'Anglais avec Mention Francais Langue Etrangere (BA in English with teaching French as a Foreign Language) from the Universite de Nancy (Lorraine) and later with a PGCE from the Portsmouth University.

I believe that I am a patient, hard working and meticulous teacher. Above all, I like to work in a professional manner. I am a good listener who will take into account the needs, strengths and weaknesses and preferred learning style of my pupils. I believe that I am also a good communicator who feels very proud and happy to see her pupils make progress and achieve their personal goals. I believe that learning French involves learning the verbs and grammar, which is sometimes hard work, but I equally believe that if some good trusting relationships between pupil and teacher are established, lessons can also be relaxed and fun, with a good sense of progress and achievement at the end.



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