Catherine M.

Catherine M.

£20 per hour

I’ve been tutoring for almost a year achieving over 50 5* reviews, I have managed to increase students confidence in my subjects, including students who were retaking their maths gcse for the 2nd or 3rd time. As a tutor I will try to explain in different ways what the pupil is struggling with and help to find ways to remember how to answer those types of questions in an exam situation. After explaining how to answer the questions with examples I have made up I will use examples from past papers to help pupils understand where the marks in each question will come from. I will aim not only to improve the ability of students to answer the required questions but also their confidence as I've found from teaching friends as their confidence increased so did their marks. I achieved four A levels, 3As in maths, further maths and biology and a B in chemistry. I decided to study human physiology at the University of Leeds, I chose this degree as it contained the parts of biology I found most interesting including the anatomy and functions of human internal organs. My degree still manages to include statistics and other parts of maths I enjoyed at school and I intend to go into teaching maths and biology once leaving university. At school I found the easiest way to revise effectively for mathematics exams was by working through past papers and deriving effective methods for each question type. For subjects such as biology it was more important to learn and understand the facts underlying the questions, at university I have a similar approach to my exams. Whilst attending university I also take part in a cheerleading team as I think it is important not only to stay fit but also to take a break from studying.



Excellent - very professional


very good. so helpful!

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