Catrin W.

Catrin W.

£30 per hour

I am currently a PhD student in Music Theory at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) where I specialize in film music. I received my Master of Arts in Music (2013) and my Bachelors of Music (2012) from Queen's University Belfast (UK).

I am teaching assistant at the University of Texas where I currently teaching introduction to film music and sound to undergraduates. I have been teaching since 2007 when I started tutoring maths to students in my high school. I also have experience teaching violin, piano, guitar and music theory. I am comfortable teaching many levels of Music but would prefer to only teaching high school english, maths, and film.

I am passionate about education and believe that people learn better in an environment that is fun and encouraging. I am very patient and love being asked questions because there is nothing better than a student who is curious and wants to learn. I try to make subjects fun because I genuinely believe that all subjects can be fun is approached correctly.

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