Cecilia R.

Cecilia R.

£20 per hour

Hi! My name is Cecilia and I'm a second-year student studying medicine at the University of Manchester. My hobbies include running, playing tennis and learning Tae-Kwondo. I have always found great pleasure in studying sciences as I find the way in which elements of biology, chemistry and physics integrate seamlessly with one another really fascinating! This intrigue has over the years been fueled new concepts I have learned through further reading within these subjects which eventually geared my life's ambition towards working within the medical fields.

My passion for science hasn't deterred me from finding some concepts within science to intimidating and confusing at the best of time. However, the frequent practice has thankfully led to a full understanding and appreciation of these concepts. One of the ways in which I practised a lot of the concepts during GCSE was through teaching the concept to my peers. This allowed me to refine these concepts so much so that I could still explain to them when I began tutoring GCSE students within my school in my second year of IB. After this, I enrolled in tutoring 11+ to GCSE children locally and continued this until my first year at university. After my first year, I began offering tuition to prospective medical students where I would assist them with their personal statements and UKCAT. Currently, I tutor both GCSE, IB/A level students and offer help to individuals applying to medical school.

Teaching individuals how to acquire confidence in what they are learning is my largest source of motivation and gratitude within tutoring. Before beginning to tutor you, I will hold a preliminary session in which we will talk about what you are areas of your education you are currently most and least confident in and which style of learning is best suited to you. With this, I can then create a personalised guideline and begin tutoring you. My aim is to teach in line with the Bloom's hierarchy so that when you go into your exam you are going in having fully understood the concepts comprised within your exam and that you can show an application of this through the way you answer the exam questions.


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