Charlotte P.

Charlotte P.

£20 per hour

I am a professional full-time online tutor with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience and in that time I have taught many different age ranges; pre-school (1-5), primary school (5-11), college students (16+) and adult learners (18+) and so I am able to adapt to the teaching needs and learning styles and abilities of my students, which gives them a tailored and therefore more supportive and encouraging learning experience so that they can reach their goals and fulfil their academic potential. I am passionate about teaching and learning and will always help and challenge my students so they get the most from the lesson and themselves. I believe everyone deserves and should receive, access to education which suits their needs and abilities but also challenges them in order to help them reach their full academic potential, so they can go on to achieve their goals in life whether they be professional or personal. I believe good education provides people with better opportunities in life. I like knowing that I have helped someone achieve and succeed by encouraging them and supporting them.


Charlotte is very kind and detail oriented. She will give you ideas when you need it. Overall, PERFECT!!

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