Chris A.

Chris A.

£25 per hour

Experienced Humanities teacher specializing in Maths, Geography, History and Law. Experience of working as a Head of Department. I obtained Qualified Teacher Status ten years ago.

I am currently at Harris Academy which Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ in their latest report. I teach Geography with some History and RE. I teach 16 Year groups in total. I also have Tutor responsibilities for Year 7 and Year 13 groups. Prior to that, I taught Years 12 and 13 at the Folkestone Academy. I use All, Most and Some differentiation and seek to stretch all the students I work with. I have an academic track record of promoting excellence, with many of my students achieving the highest possible grades. I use Bloom’s taxonomy to facilitate higher level thinking skills whenever possible. I encourage active learning and use a variety of group work structures to ensure my students make the maximum possible progress.

In 2014/15, I was the Head of Humanities at a Greenwich school where I also taught History and Citizenship. I planned SOW and observed the teaching of my colleagues. I enjoyed the challenge of leading a team and providing motivation to the members of the faculty.

I have extensive training on the new AQA/OCR/Edexcel Geography/History/Law GCSE- AOs (AO1-6)using the 9-1 Curriculum structure. I am confident of the practical application having marked hundreds of scripts requiring such application.

I went into teaching because of my passionate belief that under the right circumstances, any child, almost any child, can excel notwithstanding any challenges they may have. I provide personalised learning predicated on a meaningful assessment to individual students or small groups.

The market is becoming too competitive. Every child needs As for a sure start. Achieving As starts as early as KS1. Do not leave your child's future to chance. Get all the help you can from proven expertise. Others are doing exactly that to help their children unleash their possibilities.


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