Christiana U.

Christiana U.

£20 per hour

Hello, my name is Christiana. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in English Education, both from the same university in the United States. At present, I am studying for an MA in Creative Writing with The Open University. I began my MA with the University of London but changed to the OU because it affords me more flexibility in the area of work. My dream is to work from home as an online tutor and freelance writer.

I began teaching English right out of sixth form, and loved it so much that I have been teaching for almost thirty-three years now, minus my years of study. I taught Cambidge A Level Literature for nine years and absolutely loved it. My institution enjoyed a 100% pass rate during my nine years of employment as the sole Literature Lecturer on staff. I have taught English to students of all levels, from primary to working professionals. On the French island of Guadeloupe, I worked as a private tutor and prepared students for divers examinations.

As a teacher, I am patient, kind and understanding. In addition,I am also very dedicated, success oriented, and passionate about what I do. I am empathetic and a great believer in the axiom that hard work equates success.


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