Clodagh  W.

Clodagh W.

£25 per hour

I am an experienced teacher and instructor with nine years experience both inside and outside the classroom. I aim to increase my students confidence and in turn their exam grade by explaining concepts in different ways whatever topic the student is struggling with. I will help the student develop ways in which they remember how to answer such a question in their exam. In University I studied Biological Sciences with concurrent teacher education. During my four years in University I studied a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science and Maths. I majored in Biology, Chemistry and Agricultural Science. I found in school my most favoured way of revising for exams such as maths was ensuring I complete multiple past paper questions on all topics within that subject area. For subjects such as biology and agricultural science it was more important to learn and understand the facts underlying the questions, at university I have a similar approach to when teaching my students.


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