Chris M.

Chris M.

£24 per hour

My first degree was in Astronomy form UCL which was largely physics and mathematics plus a good deal of chemistry and geology so I have a strong grounding in most physical sciences.

My career was been within computers and IT where I obtained a post-graduate diploma in Computing and passed the British Computer Society professional examinations, receiving the Ferranti awards for best performance in both parts of the exam. I have a background in programming and have worked on some of the largest website in Europe. My specialism is software development using Agile and Lean methods.

I ams also completing an MBA at Bradford School of Management which gives me a strong understanding of business management, economics accountancy, operations management and marketing. Work-wise I specialise in digital marketing for major eCommerce sites.

I am an accomplished and passionate photographer using both film and digital and a technology evangelist.

I am an experienced coach, trainer and mentor and am happy working with all levels of student from GCSE to Masters level.

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