Cormac T.

Cormac T.

£20 per hour

Hi, my name is Cormac. I am a Mechanical Engineering entering my final year at the University of Sussex, where I am on track to receive a first class honors. I have always been enthusiastic about maths both learning and teaching. In the past I have tutored many students at my school both formally through a volunteering program once a week when I was in 6th form (where I studied maths, further maths and physics), and casually to my struggling peers as I am very keen to help others love maths as much as I do.

In my experience I have found I am good at teaching maths because I remember what it is like to not understand. So I can focus on the core basics and build the logical steps one by one making sure there is no gaps in the logic so the student will fully understand rather than just learn how to answer questions. I found that in the past teachers would struggle to explain things to students because they have forgotten what it's like to not understand so they find it hard to find the logic that the student is missing.

I would be keen to teach all maths and physics from any age up to A-levels including mechanics and statistics.



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