Christine Soniya K.

Christine Soniya K.

£45 per hour

About me:

I am a cardiac physiologist, working with the NHS. I enjoy spending time with family, friends, at church and learning new skills!

Tutoring experiencing and style:

I have taught students in groups and provided one-on-one tuition.

Repetition is key to memorising. Memorising is key to intelligence, and therefore Aceing any, and all, exams. I have mentored youths from various different backgrounds and can provide advice to youngsters as well as help increase their subject knowledge. It is crucial to enable the young generation to develop their interpersonal skills and for them to be able to critically evaluate their surroundings to form opinions for themselves as well as help them solve the square root of 49.

I have helped students enter grammar and private schools at 11+ and 13+, tutoring them in English and Maths (11+), Chemistry and Biology (13+).

My teaching style varies on the student the teaching is aimed at. For students in higher education, they are more used to lecturing, with powerpoint presentations and slide notes. I have given lectures to first, second and third year students at physiology-related events. I am also able to condense large bits of information into more concise data. Last year, I attended a UCAS event representing and relaying information regarding my course - Cardiac Physiology - to sixth form students.

Making notes and using colours/highlighters is a successful way of remembering what is being written/learnt.

For younger students, it is important to keep them engaged by regularly asking them questions and keep them thinking. Younger students can easily lose focus. As a tutor, it is our responsibility to keep them motivated. I have several methods of doing so. This will be explained at a later stage.

I currently tutor: Biology/Physiology&Anatomy up to Degree Level Biology up to A - level Chemistry up to GCSE Maths up to KS3


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