Chris S.

Chris S.

£25 per hour

Over 10 years' experience tutoring and teaching mathematics in secondary and further educational institutions. I'm approachable, and patient, with clear guidance on hand to assist all levels of ability. Tutees will see significant improvements in their understanding of mathematics through clear instruction of the techniques required.

Tutorials are structured by means of the discourse that transpires prior to a session. I`m extremely fluid in my practice, able to meet the demands of the tutee live in our sessions. Most tutorials generally start with a topic diagnosis, ensuring the student has a sound grasp of the fundamental principles. If not, these are quickly addressed.

Sessions quickly progress into examination practice, where guidance on reading questions and responding with appropriate mathematics is closely monitored. Student attainment is continually reviewed throughout the tutorials with feedback directed at the answers produced. Multiple mathematical disciplines are frequently employed in the work that is covered, affording a richer synoptic approach to the tutees learning experience. Such practice is further supported with a range of examination materials.

In applied units such as statistics and mechanics, it’s important to understand what mathematics is being asked of the candidate. Therefore, identifying key words and common situations helps tremendously. Practicing a variety of past paper questions lends to a broad range of acquired strategies.


He explain things very well and is very patient



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