Daljit S.

Daljit S.

£20 per hour

I have recently graduated from Durham University with a degree in BSc in Natural Sciences and I am currently studying part time for a Masters in Mathematical Physics. I love Physics and Mathematics and I really enjoy sharing my passions for these subjects with other people. I find that tutoring and helping other people who interested in these fields is the perfect way to use my skills.

My approach to teaching follows a simple principle: I strongly believe that listening to the tutee I am working with is the top priority. Each student is different and not everyone learns in the same way, so I like to make sure that I am flexible in the way I engage with students and make sure that I address their specific needs.

At the beginning of each lesson, I like to make sure that my tutees have understood what we revised in the previous session, to help them consolidate their knowledge. Usually I select a pertinent example question and go through it carefully with my students. Then I help the students with questions/problems they have encountered and found difficult to solve or topics they feel most uncomfortable about. I am not a big fan of memorising, so in my lessons I really like to emphasize clarity of though and deep understanding of the concepts that I cover, rather than simply teaching them to how to the right answer. My number one priority is to make sure that students understand the material that they are engaging with. Many times I will set questions from past papers for the tutees to complete and submit, in my experience this helps me to make sure that the students are really comfortable with the material covered in the tutorials.

I am also very happy to discuss and help students to improve their exam technique, time management and revision skills. Students can also email me for questions and help outside the tutorials.

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