Dayee A.

Dayee A.

£16 per hour

After successfully passing a LL.B (Hons) with a high 2.1, I am currently pursuing the intensive postgraduate degree in Law, namely Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from City Law School, City University of London, which is expected to end on September 2019. In my earlier years, I completed my O'Levels and A'Levels with 6 As and 2 A*s & 2 As respectively.

As a student, I had to start from the low ranks and scale up to the higher ones myself. Thus, I am very familiar with the obstacles and hurdles that a student may face and very well know on how to counter those problems. I am capable of pointing out the weak points in a student and then, working with the student to fill those gaps. I am quite friendly and engaging and therefore encourage continuous communication, discussion and participation.

I conduct my classes through interactive sessions where the tutee is encouraged to voice out their queries and concern. Specific goals are set for each class and each lesson is conducted through a problem-solving approach. Questions are solved at the end of each topic in order to ensure that tutees know what type of questions to expect and how to deal with them accordingly. I will try my level best that tutees engage and grasp the subject matter of the lesson.


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