Duncan H.

Duncan H.

£25 per hour

I have taught History at a private school in west London for seven years teaching all year groups. I have taught the main exam boards (OCR, AQA and EdExcel) and all the various aspects of the History courses (Period Studies, Themes, Document Studies, Coursework) and so I am completely familiar with the requirements of each of the exam boards and the different types of paper.

I have provided one to one support to students both in the school and outside of it throughout that time and so I am confident that whatever the level of help you might require, I will be able to improve your understanding, approach and ultimately, your grade. I keep up to date with the examiner reports and so know what the exam boards are looking for each year.

I can help you with exam technique, essay structure, revision materials, revision techniques and your overall understanding of the key ideas and themes within the course. I have taught at A-Level: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964, Gladstone and Disraeli, Philip II of Spain, the English Civil War, The Cold War in Asia and the Crusades. At GCSE I have taught 20th Century History for the most part (German Depth Study, British Depth Study, Liberal Reform, The Cold War, International Relations between the two World Wars).

As a teacher I can provide you guidance and assistance that will be directly relevant and helpful to your studies. The vast majority of my students achieve an A* or an A so if you are looking to maximize your grade, then get in touch.

My personal qualifications include a PGCE from Bristol University, I have QTS and was responsible for the development of new teachers into the school. I have a Masters Degree in Medieval Studies with a Distinction from Royal Holloway, as well as a BA Hons in History.



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