Eugenia G.

Eugenia G.

£20 per hour

I am a second year student at University College London studying English Literature and German. I am also fluent in Russian, and as I have taken Russian for A-level, achieving an A*, I feel confident in being able to prepare children for Russian GCSE and A-level, as well as of course for English and German.

I have been tutoring for about a year. I have had several tutees, two of whom I have taught consistently the whole year. I have tutored Russian to GCSE and AS Level, English Literature to GCSE level and all subjects including science at Primary School Level for a younger student.

I have two As in Russian and English and two As in German and History at A-Level. I have also achieved 10As and one A at GCSE. These were taken at the Perse School for Girls in Cambridge.

Last summer I spent six weeks working full time at the Cambridge Centre for Languages with children who were aiming to improve their standard of English. My role was to lead excursions and to organise classes for up to 16 children. This helped me become confident in communicating with children of different ages and abilities and gave me experience of planning and running my own classes.

I have helped pupils individually in their preparation for GCSEs as part of a mentor system, sharing my knowledge of the curriculum and the various approaches to studying.

I believe that every child has a specific approach to learning and so it is vital to tailor lessons to the child's skills, in a way that is not necessarily possible in a classroom environment.

As a tutor, I hope to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which tutees can consolidate their learning and work through subjects they struggle with. Most importantly, I hope my enthusiasm can inspire them to enjoy their subject.

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