Oliver H.

Oliver H.

£16 per hour

I am an Aerospace Engineering graduate who is keen to pursue a career in teaching. I am engaging and enthusiastic, and take pride in understanding how students can really grasp concepts behind various problems. I strive to maintain a friendly relationship with all my students! The first session will involve discussing the areas in which the student would like to improve, and the methods of teaching they respond to best. Every student learns differently and therefore I am flexible in my teaching techniques to accommodate everyone. In almost all cases I simplify difficult concepts which do not appear relatable and attach it to something relatable or easy to understand. From here I will slowly develop the complexity of the explanation, until the problem is understood in full. Too many teachers do not understand how students actually learn and will just focus on the technicalities, and when it comes to maths it is often hard to get your head around these!

I have taught online for the past 3 years, initially overlapping with my University degree, but now I am working towards teaching full time.


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