Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M.

£40 per hour

I am an experienced Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy. I truly love my job and feel privileged to enhance, enrich, support and play a role in the academic and social development of young people. There is always a smile on my face when I work and I take my job seriously but have a sense of humour which allows students to feel confident and at ease with me. We have to be open to making mistakes so we can learn from them!

I have taught GCSE and A-level students from grammar and independent schools for 6 years with great success. My lesson observations within my career are consistently rated outstanding and the reputation I have within my school is excellent. I am known to extremely friendly and enthusiastic who is known to be a talented teacher who gets the most out of her students with everyone smiling through the process!

My subject knowledge and knowledge of how to teach is enhancing with the following degrees: BA (Hons.) Philosophy, Religion and Ethics PGCE (Secondary) Religious Studies MA Philosophy of Religion and Ethics in Education

My Religious Studies A-Level results last year were: 50% A-A 86% A-C 100% A*-D. I solely taught this group so the results are truly my own as there was no shared teaching. Students performed well above predicted.

GCSE results were 44%A-A and 96% A-C.

I also have taught Music as I have 3 x Grade 8's (all distinctions) and Critical Thinking A-Level.


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