Erika H.

Erika H.

£35 per hour

I am a Foundation Year 2 doctor currently working in Brighton and Sussex University NHS Trust. I graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2015 with Distinctions in pre-clinical science, clinical science, medical science and clinical practice. I achieved a first-class honour in my BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health. I obtained A in GCSE Science and Maths as well as A (A not introduced at the time) in A level Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Pre-A level maths and science I have always had a passion for teaching. During the course of my medical school, I have taught maths and science at various levels including GCSE and Year 11-14 with great success. I gained a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction from watching my students gaining confidence and interest in maths and science, as well as improvement in grade.

Medical student turoing I have been involved in a variety of medical student teaching including OSCE/PACES teaching, mock examination examiners and EMQ teaching. I have also had experience in tutoring medical school applications/ personal statements and have been on the medical school interview panels at Imperial College School of Medicine. I have gained qualification in the Toronto university online teaching course.

Pre-A level maths and science I believe that every student has a different way of learning and as a teacher, it is my job to explore the learning style specific to the student and it is my job to inspire interest and confidence in the student. Often, I get feedback from students that the best thing about my teaching is the fact that I made them feel more confident to tackle the problems themselves and to trust their own judgement. I believe that this is very important, especially in maths and science because this is where creativity and problem-solving skills begin. I also believe in creating a solid foundation. I encourage students to always work from first principle, not just memorise formulas and really think about the basics and start working it out from there in a logical way. I feel that this is especially important in tackling more complex problems, which is what a lot of students struggle with.

Medical student tutoring OSCE/PACES teaching: I like to focus on the basics and I emphasise the importance of getting the technique right. I use case-based discussions to stimulate students to think of about the history, examination, investigation and management. I teach students how to formulate differential diagnoses and come up with a management plan.

EMQ teaching: I focus on the technique of asnwering questions. Every question has a key word which steer you in the right direction, and my focus is for students to learn to identify these key words and select the best posisble option.

Medical school application: I get to know my student, understand their strength and weaknesses as well as their motivation and experience and tweak it to formulate the best possible portfolio to present to the medical school.

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