Florence A.

Florence A.

£20 per hour

I am a first year Cambridge Medical student looking to provide tutoring for students up to A level standard, particularly in maths and science. A real understanding of the answers the examiners are looking for is crucial to gaining those marks in addition to understanding the concepts behind them. Having only completed my A levels last year, I am in a great position to pass on this knowledge.

At A level, I studied Maths, Chemistry and Biology, achieving AAA and am happy to tutor all 3 of these up to this level. I also studied Physics and Religious studied at AS, achieving an A and a B respectively. I am also happy to tutor physics up to AS level.

Additionally, having recently taken both the BMAT and UKCAT aptitude tests for medical applicants, I am more than happy to offer advice on this and any other part of the UK medical school application process. By choosing the universities that suit your strengths as an applicant, you are able to vastly increase your chances of being successful. This is how I received offers from all four of the medical schools to which I applied. My UKCAT score was 720 (taken in 2015) and my BMAT scores were 8.7, 5.7, 3A (2015)

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