George M.

George M.

£40 per hour

I am currently working as a PhD researcher and I have gained significant experience in Control Systems and Robotics. During my research I was involved in several large-scale projects i.e. formation control of unmanned ground vehicles, multibody modelling, identification and time-optimal control of passenger cars. I have also been a teaching assistant for Control Systems theory and Artificial Intelligence for undergraduates and graduates and have given several lectures in these subjects over the past 6 years.

I hold the following degrees:

BSc., in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) MSc., in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems and Robotics) MSc., in Engineering Management (Management and Finance) PhD., in Control Systems and Robotics

I have expert knowledge in the following fields:

Advanced Matrix Theory, Advanced Numerical Methods and Analysis, Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, Calculus, Complex Analysis, Econometric, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Economics, Engineering Mathematics, Finance, Functional Analysis, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Linear Control Theory, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Optimization, MATLAB Programming, Nonlinear and Robust Control, Operations Research, Optimal Control, Project Management

I don't like results less than 100%.

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