Gabby H.

Gabby H.

£15 per hour

I'm a second year Linguistics student at The University of Edinburgh on track for a 2:1 or possibly a 1st in my undergraduate MA (Hons) degree.

I tutored consistently in Mathematics throughout my A-level years at sixth form and currently volunteer as a proof-reader for my university's peer-proofreading scheme, reading academic documents from students ranging from 1st year to international post-grads.

Linguistics may seem like a strange choice of subject but I love language and learning about how we ourselves learn to speak and understand our own native language and other languages which are foreign to us. Subjects I study as part of my degree range from looking at bilingualism to language pathology (speech impediments or learning disabilities) with a primary focus on English language and it's history.

Whilst at university I've also studied the following modules to incorporate my love of Maths and fascination with the Law:

Foundation Spanish 2 - CEFR Level A2+ Mathematics for Social Sciences - Statistics at a university level Introduction to Criminal Justice Introduction to Criminology

I also have 3 A-levels:

Biology: A Mathematics: B Psychology: B

I also have 10 GCSE's (taken under the old modular curriculum (2011), however having seen the recent syllabus the material is very similar if not identical):

Mathematics: A English Literature: A English Language: B Biology: A Chemistry: A Physics: A Art and Design: A ICT: B Geography: A Spanish: A


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