Georgina R.

Georgina R.

£40 per hour

As a Latin teacher with experience from three of the UK’s leading schools, and formerly as a Solicitor, I have a wealth of professional experience to draw on as a tutor.

I graduated from University College London with a Classics degree (BA Hons) and subsequently pursued a career in law. After six years in legal practice, I decided to return to Classics and become a teacher. I have taught at a leading independent school for boys aged 11 to 18, as well as at a leading independent school for girls of the same age.

I aim to deliver fun and effective lessons which are carefully planned and full of variety. I provide plenty of examples in both Latin and English, and allow ample time to practice new skills with oral, written, and kinaesthetic activities.

Critically, I lay great importance on knowing how to translate a Latin sentence. Following a step-by-step guide helps students to gain greater self-sufficiency and to grow in self-confidence.

Where students have difficulty with learning new vocabulary and grammar, I can help them to find strategies for overcoming these hurdles. I also encourage students to take ownership of their progress by keeping a record of their results and reflecting on their successes and what could go better.

Fundamentally, I am passionate about sharing my enjoyment of Latin and about promoting a positive and proactive attitude to learning.


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