George D.

George D.

£25 per hour

Hi I'm George. I'm a mathematician with a first class MMath degree from the University of Warwick. My A level grades are AAA (Mathematics, Further Maths, Physics). I left Upton-High in 2012. Let's do some maths together!

I work as an actuarial consultant with clients in the banking and insurance industries, and I use maths to find out what will happen in the stock market.

Day to day, I write computer code in a variety of different languages, and communicate maths to my colleagues in a multidisciplinary team, as well as answer client queries.

A levels: A Mathematics (594/600) A Further Mathematics A Physics a Chemistry (AS) STEP I - Grade 1

Outside of work/mathematics I am a keen long distance runner. My favourite distance is probably 5000m.

At Warwick University, I taught students in the final two years of my degree. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It was nice to see my students go from being beginners to university maths to getting good marks in their exams. I taught small classes of first year students on the Analysis I module for 1 year. I also taught two supervision groups on the MMORSE degree in Analysis I & II, Foundations, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra and Geometry and Motion courses in my Masters year. My job was to mark their assignments and give them constructive feedback and a framework for approaching the problems they were set, as well as teaching them how to think like a mathematician. I also prepared example questions and presented them to my students to test their understanding.

One of the students I taught was initially struggling but I helped to motivate him, and he achieve a first. Another of my students achieved a top grade in his year.

I have since tutored privately and one of my students recently achieved AA grades in Mathematics and Further Mathematics A levels. My students have given me great feedback on my enthusiasm, knowledge and interest in helping them.

I want my students to not only pass their exams to a high standard, but also gain enjoyment from their mathematics, and see it as a part of their toolkit for every day problem solving, and apply it to real life situations.

Building a relationship and a sense of camaraderie with students is important. Students should feel as though they can ask me any question. I've greatly enjoyed my mathematical education, and I'd like to give that back to the next generation of students.

I am happy to help students with their STEP/AEA/MAT entrance tests for top mathematics universities (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial). These exams are more challenging than A level exams and are a lot closer to the university style of exams. With my guidance, you can bridge the gap between the top institutions and the support that you are getting at school.

I am also interested in teaching most university mathematics, particular Analysis and Probability/Statistics topics. I can offer tutoring in programming in C, VBA, Java, R, XSLT, Matlab. I've got experience of industry standard programming in insurance and banking. I can also offer tutoring in Excel.


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