Gisela H.

Gisela H.

£20 per hour

I have been a teacher for 30 years in three different countries (predominantly in the UK) in many different schools, but also at colleges and at university. This means I am a highly flexible teacher, able to respond precisely to your needs as a student, rather than just following a programme. I will listen to you, learn what you do not understand and help you with it.

I have also been an examiner with several exam boards, so I understand the exam system very well and am able to lead students through the Assessment Objectives in a focused and understandable way.

I believe the heart of good teaching lies in knowing your students and knowing your subject(s) very well and finding a way of marrying the two effectively. I will do that for you.

I teach: English language and literature at GCSE, A-level and University History at GCSE and A-level Psychology at GCSE and A-level


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