Giulia S.

Giulia S.

£30 per hour

I am a 24 year old graduate from the University of Sheffield with a 2.1 degree in Psychology. I currently work for Unilever but tutor part time during evenings and weekends. I am a friendly person with a strong academic background who enjoys helping people in areas they are struggling in, and seeing them through until they are confident in themselves.

I have tutored many people over the past 6 years, ranging in ages and academic ability. I am proud to say that every person I have tutored has improved by at least one grade. My greatest achievement was with my first ever tutee who came to me on an E grade, and with my help was able to get a high B in her English A level. I have alot of experience helping children pass the 11+.

My approach to tutoring is to create a calm and comfortable environment for the tutee. I try to make the learning of the particular area enjoyable and try to use effective methods that were used on me as I was learning, incorporated with other ideas I have, to ensure that the tutee learns as much as possible in the time I am with them. I also make a conscious effort to get to know each tutee well, so that I can cater my skills specifically to them and their individual needs in order for them to do as well they possibly can.

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