Hello. My name is Habeebah.

I am currently a law student at the University of Birmingham. I had got into Birmingham by achieving the grades ABB in my chosen A-levels, which were Sociology, Philosophy and ethics, and media studies. I had achieved an A grade in sociology, which is my chosen field. I have been studying sociology since year 10.

I was always that student that achieved a constant B grade in all of my sociology exams, no matter what I did. However, I gained tutoring from 'my tutor' which enabled me to boost my grade in A2. Through my tutoring sessions i learnt various of techniques, structures and methods that helped me tremendously to improve my exam answers to get into those high bands.

As a tutor i will teach these key factors to my students, alongside motivating them to work to towards their full capability. I will set them homework, which i will mark and assess using a mark scheme; I will also give them feedback so they can improve upon their essay writing skills. In my sessions i will also be going through past exam papers so my students can get used to the kinds of questions asked by examiners; I will be going through theoretical perspectives with them and i will give them the opportunity to see exemplary answers, and to ask me questions too.



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