Hadi D.

Hadi D.

£20 per hour

I have recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies from Coventry University and I am currently working as a Maths Intervention Tutor in a secondary school, helping Key stage 3, Key Stage 4 and A level students improve their grades.

The degree course covered many aspects, and I was particularly drawn to the fact that I had to frequently present complex mathematical models to audiences made up of fellow students and tutors.

I have put this into practice in a variety of ways, most effectively as an Intervention Co-ordinator in primary and secondary schools across the West Midlands, where I have been teaching maths to children of different ages and abilities and have succeeded in helping them achieve excellent grades. I have also been a private tutor to a number of students; one of which was a struggling GCSE Maths student on a D grade and I helped her achieve a B after 3 months of tutoring.

My teaching approach is that I bring something different to classroom teaching by listening to the student's academic concerns and I strive to find a solution to their problems by tailoring the teaching and learning process to their needs.


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