Hannah R.

Hannah R.

£18 per hour

Education Background: I was born in England and have been through the English and Scottish education systems.

I studied Politics at the University of Edinburgh after finishing secondary school a year early, at 17. I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Film Production degree at the University of Southern California which is ranked the No.1 film school in the world. Being in university in the U.S has broadened my knowledge by taking a 'General Education' breadth of classes - from Maths, Biology, History, business and french. All of the latter classes pus more have been continued in at university level meaning they are fresh in my brain! My passion for film is also linked to strong interests in creative writing and business.

I also have a strong interest in geology and have taken multiple university level classes.

Music has also always been central to my life, achieving grade 8 Violin at 14 and grade 5 Piano.

Teaching Experience:

My teaching experience stems from teaching music to 14-16 year olds in High school and holding the position of teaching assistant at university for film production classes. Being a teaching assistant has really sparked a desire to teach. I have also tutored secondary school students 1-1 in geography and Art History students in first year university.

Personal Qualities:

I am a determined and creative person, this extends to how I go about teaching - finding ways that are tailored to and work best with the student. I want to be at service to the student and help them understand. I am also patient - I know that concepts are not always easy to understand immediately. It is a process that is individual for each student. It takes time, practice and some times things need to be broken down into bite size chunks.

What levels I teach:

I am confident teaching up to and including AQA GCSE level and SQA Advanced Highers.


Question Grammar

Complete the blanks with the Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect Simple or Past Perfect Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1) Last year I .....(go) on an exciting safari holiday in Namibia with my husband. 2) I remember it ....(rain) continously for several days in Brussels before we ....(leave), so I couldn't wait to board the plane which ....(head) for sunnier climes. 3) Our safari holiday ....(be) unique in that, unlike many other safari holidays, the aim was not just to show a bunch of tourists some wild animals; while on holiday we would be volunteering at a conservation centre. 4) Our first night in the bush, while the biologists ....(entertain) everyone with tales, I ....(sit) back and ....(gaze) at the patterns made by the stars. 5) At one stage I ....(get) up to stretch when all of a sudden I ....(see) a huge creature nestled on my husband's shoulder; I ....(let) out an embarrassing squek of fear. 6) Apparently it was just a stick insect. Not like any stick insect I ....(ever/see); it was as big as my forearm. 7) The next day we ....(set) off early; our task was to make a note of any wildlife we saw. 8) While we .... (walk) through the thick forest, we ....(hear) birds and monkeys chattering in the trees. However after three hours, the novelty ....(wear) off, and I was exhausted. 9) And then I ....(see) it. A deer ....(stand) under a tree just a few metres away from me; I proudly ....(make) a note on my pad. 10) The next day, while we ....(travel) to a nearby village, we ....(spot) a herd of elephants crossing the road. 11) All too quickly our two weeks in Namibia ....(draw) to a close and we .... (find) ourselves back at home. 12) Altough we were a little sad, we both felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction as we ....(not only/visit) a beautiful part of the world, but we ....(also/make) our own small positive contribution.

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