Harry D.

Harry D.

£20 per hour

Currently a trainee History Teacher. I have holistic experience in teaching students history in school from the ages of 11-18.

As a tutor in a range of humanities subjects I offer a comprehensive guide to students undertaking both their GCSE's and A Levels of the subject material at hand. I offer my students the opportunity to attain high levels of sophistication in essay technique and structure. Furthermore, in the period leading up to examinations I give my students the chance to dissect a number of past papers with such sufficient rigour that by the time thy take their exams they shall have a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand than the exam board themselves.

I recently graduated with a high 2:1 BA Degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Lancaster. Whilst studying at University, I devoted much of my spare time to engagements in local politics. As such, I was General Secretary of a political society for over 2 years.

This engagement led directly to me being awarded an internship in the Houses of Parliament for several weeks in August 2014 working for the member of Parliament for Lancaster and Fleetwood. During this time, my duties included casework focusing on the issues of the maritime coastal defences and pancreatic cancer drug research for the member.

Before coming to University I excelled in all my academic subjects. Indeed, I attained a record 4 A*s in my A Levels. For this acheivement I was awarded the school's annual highest academic attainment award. Moreover, my UCAS score which enabled my to win this award remains undefeated to this day.

Overall, I am very easy going, friendly, and patient I really look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks




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