Hattie A.

Hattie A.

£20 per hour


I'm Hattie, I currently work in a role with teenagers providing teaching, coaching and support to manage daily life and all the stress that comes along with it. I'm approachable, friendly, and committed to what I do, therefore able to help others commit to areas of study that they are finding difficult to get through and stick at. I am able to work well with people as individuals, and tailor my approach to find something that works for each person. My educational experience mainly covers psychology, sociology and biology (see below) and I also use these at work so have an up to date idea of topics in this area.

My educational background includes: MSc in Occupational Therapy (covering psychology, biology and sociology modules) BSc in Social Science (sociology, psychology and anthropology - BPS route accredited) A Levels in Psychology, Biology and Media Studies.

My teaching background includes: Working with teenagers in my current role, in a varied mentoring, teaching and coaching role. As well as teaching, I also provide coaching and support with time management, scheduling revision and study, staying on top of everything and ways to reduce stress levels. Private face to face tutoring with school age students.

Please let me know if you have any questions, hopefully we can work together to help you get through any difficult patches in your education career!

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