Helen H.

Helen H.

£25 per hour

A dynamic and engaging educator, I am passionate about my subject and delivering it in new and creative ways. I am pleased to be able to offer you help with your GCSE Biology and Combined Sciences, and with A Level Biology. In addition, if you are looking for tutoring in more specialist topics, such as evolution, animal behaviour or sensory ecology, then why not drop me a line to discuss it?

I hold a bachelor's degree in zoology and master's degree in marine ecology and before science, I gained a diploma in art and design. My arty side is definitely still with me and I'm always keen to point out that it is possible to be both artist and scientist! I think it's a very strong combination.

I've worked in research and consultancy, in the field and the office but I've always got a buzz from teaching others. I've worked one-on-one with young people in schools, on university field courses, given lectures and trained researchers and volunteers.

Why not say hello and let's see if I can help?


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