I am a fully qualified biology teacher, recently teaching to year 12 (AS level) and teaching physics and chemistry to end of key stage 3 (yr 9). I am qualified to teach general science to GCSE standard.

I graduated in Biological Sciences (Hons) and although I have worked in a variety of positions including retail management and business in London, my passion for Biology has never diminished! I returned to teaching a few years ago and continue to enjoy the world of science.

I have also spent considerable time in German speaking countries and took an A level in the subject, so would be prepared to tutor a student studying at GCSE!


Thank you for all the help over the past couple of months I wouldn't have been able to understand some of the complex stuff without you. I can't thank you enough :)


Very helpful and insightful into the topic - lots of information and gives a full description which is very helpful



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